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Resilience in Sport and Business

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

I will be hosting a Leadership Boardroom Breakfast in Brisbane on 5 March, 2020. An intimate boardroom setting of 12 will provide a conversational environment to discuss all things leadership, resilience, people management, and the simple keys of high-performance systems in any workplace. Limited seats left.

Contact or RSVP to to secure your seat.


One of the most frequently asked questions I have had to answer over my coaching career is;

"How and why do you do it?"

Nobody really knows what you go through as a professional coach, not even those closest to you - your friends or your family. The answer is simple and it's the same for anyone else whose job is their passion, you love it.

Over the course of their career in the NRL, a coach is going to experience 6 wins out of every 10 games if he's lucky. The broad average ranges from 4 to 6 wins. So inevitably in your quest for success, you are going to lose just as many games as you win. There are the good periods where you will string a lot of wins together, including finals matches, but generally dealing with defeat is an important part of the role. Sometimes the most important.

It's in these times that your self-belief and belief in your people builds your future successes. As a coach and a leader, it's extremely important that you start your review on your own performance. Take responsibility and move forward from there. This shields your players and staff and allows you to reconcile the way forward. In doing this, you feel better and your people are also empowered to take responsibility and demonstrate initiative. This collective and honest resilience from the group allows everyone the opportunity to move forward and improve. It might not come instantly but the more honest we are with ourselves during tough times, the stronger our relationship builds as a team. Overcoming disappointments and having faith in your team is what makes winning taste so much sweeter.

During a successful season you will invariably look back at a loss or bad period and realise it was the resilience and bond of the team during those tough times that helped create the performances at the back end of a season. After starting the 2017 season at the Penrith Panthers with 2 wins out of 9 games, we finished on an amazing run; winning 12 from 15 games including a run of 7 in a row. One of my senior players walked past me in the gym leading up to the finals. He said, "Hook I really admired the way you dealt with our horror start. Every Monday I would come in feeling down and your demeanour never changed. You wouldn't have known if we had won or lost." It was one of the best things a player has said to me.

Resilience is extremely important in whatever business we are in. If we lose focus and our relationships falter because of the scoreboard, we become ineffective individually and, most importantly, as a team. When faced with adversity, take as much responsibility as you can. Believe in what you are doing and double down on your staff - empower them and care for them. This creates stronger relationships and resilience levels which ultimately leads to memorable results that may not have seemed possible. That's why you do it.

- Anthony

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