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Stay In The Zone

Despite the chaotic times we are currently living in, there are still opportunities right in front of us to be happy, maintain positivity, and experience growth. Enjoy today, and chase life down, who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Sometimes, if we let our thoughts wonder we can be caught living in the future. Our mood then becomes controlled by circumstances that may never happen - good or bad - which drastically reduces our ability to remain present. This usually results in a reduction of productivity and connection. When our ability to act and relate is restricted, be it professionally or personally, a constant feeling of insecurity can plague our thoughts and our potential to function at our optimum.

In 2011, the Brisbane Broncos went into the Origin period on shaky ground. After leading the competition in round 7, we found ourselves in 6th spot as we prepared for our round 14 home fixture against the Raiders. With Lockyer, Hodges, Thaiday, Parker, Yow Yeh, Teo and Hannant unavailable for the clash, from the outside our season looked to be in trouble. Though, nothing could have been further from the truth. What seemed like adversity had turned to opportunity for fringe players and debutants. Perhaps the biggest benefit of the situation was the team and the clubs ability to grow stronger. We have all heard the term ‘staying in the zone‘; in simple terms, this represents the ability to remain intensely present on the now, not the future. The feeling within the team was one of excitement. Some rookies were getting a chance to fulfill their dreams while established players were taking on more responsibility and enjoying the rewarding experience of leadership. There were absolutely no thoughts about what might happen in 6 or 8 weeks time if we couldn't win games without our rep players. After leading 24 nil early in the second half, we kicked a field goal in extra time to prevail 25-24. What a feeling that was. And what an experience for the entire team. The following week with our Origin players backing up we defeated defending premiers St George and the week after that we took care of Parramatta on the road without them again. It was a special time and one that propelled us into being premiership contenders on the ladder, but more importantly in our mentality and self belief.

Regardless of the circumstances our lives are filled with opportunity. How we perceive what is happening around us is extremely important for our state of mind . Stay “in the zone” and find the benefits of the present situation. In doing this, we remain secure today which gives us more control of tomorrow. Enjoy the challenge - it can build your future.

- Anthony

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1 Comment

Very wise words in these different times Anthony!

Welcome to the Dragons.

You will do a superb job!!


Bob Campbell

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